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Promotional Interview with Pamela S Thibodeaux

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Your Name:Pamela S Thibodeaux

1. Where you are from and where are you now?

PST: I am a native of Louisiana and currently reside in my hometown of Iowa, Louisiana (about 15 miles east of Lake Charles)

2. How did you get started writing?

PST: While pregnant with my daughter, who is now 25, I read one-too-many disappointing romances and thought "I can do better than that!" I'm still not sure if the book was really all that bad or if that was just one of those hormonal moments, but that was the moment my writing career began.

3. What do you do when you are not writing?

PST: I work full-time as an Insurance Sales Producer so my writing time is limited, however when I'm not actively working on a project, I'm usually editing or promoting my career.

4. What would readers like to know about you?

PST: That Jesus is as real to me as He is in the lives of my characters.

5. What inspired your first book?

PST: My first book penned, Tempered Hearts, is now published and was inspired by the thought of a woman veterinarian and a rancher who clash from the moment they meet. She is young, innocent, inexperienced, but a whiz when it comes to horses. Though not much older, he is arrogant, experienced, and jaded when it comes to love. Only when they realize the truth in a statement made by his grandfather (who hires her for the summer) can they make peace with their pasts and open up to the love between them. That statement….. “Only when hearts are tempered, minds are opened and wills are softened can man discern the will of God for his life.”

6. How many books have you written?

PST: I have four full length novels and two short stories published as well as two novels and another short story due out in 2008. I have one more full length novel and a gift book complete that are looking for a home.

7. What are the titles of your books and what genres are they?

PST: I write "Inspirational with an Edge!" romantic fiction. Tempered Hearts, Tempered Dreams & Tempered Fire (books 1-3 in 5 part series) and The Inheritance are my full-length novels. Cathy's Angel & Choices are short stories. The upcoming releases are, Tempered Joy and The Visionary (full length) and A Hero for Jessica (short).

8. How do you decide on that topic or genre?

PST: When I initially started writing I wrote romance. Period. In 1989 I recommitted my life to Christ and committed my writing to Him, praying that I not write "just another romance" but something that will glorify Him. That's when my focus changed to incorporate the characters' faith into the plot.

9. How do you manage to keep yourself focused and on track?

PST: I'm not sure that I do, LOL! Half the time, I just fumble along on a wing and a prayer, doing what I can do, when I can do it and let things fall where they may. One thing that I've found that helps me is to make "to do" lists. I'm not a huge goal setter in the traditional sense, because I feel pressured and then guilty if my goals don't materialize in the time frame I've allotted so these lists work better for me. Of course as I scratch off one thing, three are added, but this helps me prioritize and see my progress. Having a list also helps me refocus and resume when I put everything aside to do edits.

10. Do you write to make money or for the love of writing?

PST: Oh, I LOVE this question! Make money? Does anyone really write to make money? Yes, I'm sure there are those that do...especially when you reach a certain level of success. However, for me, the message is more important than the money. Of course, my one way to know that that message is getting out there is by the number of sales. :-)

11. What are some traditional methods of marketing you have used?

PST: Book signings, press releases, speaking engagements, interviews, reviews.

12. What are some unique methods of marketing you have used?

PST: One unique way is to make what I call an "envelope flyer;" a small flyer (about the size of a bookmark) that gives a brief description of my books. Leaving this with your tip at a restaurant, passing out to people you see reading on an airplane or anywhere else, leave with bank tellers, anyone and everyone you can think of can help get your name out. Does it work? In my experience, yes. I've seen an increase in sales when I do this.

13. Do you sell through a website?

PST: If so, what's the address? If not, why not? Although you can find out about my books and read excerpts on my website, I don't sell my books there because they are available through the publisher's websites.

14. Where can people order your books?

PST: Ebooks can be purchased through the publisher's websites and print books through or from their favorite book store.

Link to buy Tempered Series E-books:

Link to buy The Inheritance E-Book:

Link to buy all full-length titles @ Amazon:

Link to find short E-books @ The Wild Rose Press:

15. What format are your books - e-book, print, audio etc?

PST: Ebook and print.

16. Will you write more books?

PST: I sure hope so! I'd love to try my hand at writing at least one historical and I pray daily that God gives me more stories to write.

17. What do you have in the works now?

PST: 1 novel, 1 short story and 1 script are currently "in the works."

18. What does the future hold for you and your books?

PST: Great success! Isn't that the prayer of every writer? :-)

19. What was the most successful thing you did to promote your books?

PST: I'm not sure I can pinpoint one single thing except maybe an ad in Romantic Times.

20. What was the least successful thing you did to promote your books?

PST: I don't think any form of promotion could be considered "unsuccessful" because every form of promotion is a step forward.

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