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How To Submit Information About Author Pets

This idea was too fun not to implement. Do you have a furry writing companion that you would like to share? This is the place to do that.

Send a picture of your pet or pets and write a couple of paragraphs about how they help or hinder your writing. While you're at it, send me a cover for one of your books and a brief synopsis about the book - might as well promote a book while we're here :)

Please send the pictures as a photo file and the content as an RTF file to and put "Pet Blog" in the subject line. I post all blog submissions on a first come, first serve basis and I email the link to you when its posted.


The Last Stop: Lincoln & the “Mud Circuit” by Alan Bower

Alan Bower

The Last Stop: Lincoln & the “Mud Circuit”

1 - How did you get interested in the topic that’s featured in your book?

In March of 2006, I attended a meeting, in Taylorville, Illinois with its mayor, tourism council and president of the local historical society along with others interested in documenting Lincoln’s presence, activities and relationships in the city. This information would be used in promoting the city and its connection with Mr. Lincoln as part of the Looking for Lincoln project. “The Last Stop” was the result of that research project I agreed to undertake.

2 - Tell us a bit about your background. What have you done in the past that relates to your book and that topic?

I am directly descended from Joseph Durbin Sr., one of the first settlers who came to Christian County in 1829 and lived on Bear Creek, then part of Montgomery County. His brother, John “Stumpy” Durbin, arriving a year earlier is the great-great-great grandfather of Illinois Senator Richard Durbin. They both knew Lincoln for he represented members of their families in several cases. The two brothers are buried in the Durbin ancestral cemetery on Bear Creek in Christian County.

3 - What advice would you give to someone who is interested in your topic? The number of books available on Mr. Lincoln is said to number in excess of 15,000. I am sure the reader can find something that would interest them.

4 - What do you see as the benefit to participating in groups and organizations? My first thought would be networking opportunities and the chance for personal and business growth. What are your reasons?

My reasons are the same as your original thoughts.

5 - Who is the ideal person to read your book? If each person that reads this was going to recommend your book to one person, what sort of person would they want to chose?

Anyone having a keen interest in the early years of Mr. Lincoln in the Illinois Assembly and his life on the Eight Judicial Circuit would find “The Last Stop” valuable in studying the types of cases he had including the extremely important relationships he established which would lead him to the White House.

6 - What do you think ignites a person’s creativity?

Passion…without it nothing happens.

7 - What have you found to be the biggest stumbling block for people who want to start writing?

They perhaps fail to realize that anyone can write or they think they don’t have the time.

8 - How would you suggest they can overcome that?

A great journey begins with one small step and the same can be said for writing. The prospect of writing book can be intimidating and daunting task but if broken down into its individual parts the process soon looses it’s sense of enormity.

9 - What do you find is the biggest motivator for people to succeed? Is it money, security, desire for fame or something else?

Motivation to succeed in anything we attempt comes from many sources and not always measurable in terms such as money or fame which can be fleeting.

10 - Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Never be afraid to try something you have never done before….you might be greatly surprised at the results…the best hitters in baseball strike out 70% of the time.

In Detail With Mary Fagan

Title: AMMANON Book One, The Prophecy

Author: Mary Fagan

What inspired the book?

Good question! I’ve been writing books in my head, chapter by chapter, for 30 years or more – probably to escape the frustrations of motherhood! I have no idea where this particular story came from. When it started floating around in my daydreams we were well past the Cecil B. DeMille era and still a ways from the onset of Rome, Gladiator, Alexander the Great, Troy, and the like. I guess I was just in the mood for adventure, intrigue, romance and high drama and it played out in this sort of ancient Mediterranean-like setting.

What makes this book special to you?

Because when I was finally at a point in my life when I could sit down and write this was the first story to come pouring out of me. It’s an emancipation book, if you will; the relief and fulfillment of finally releasing this long pent-up urge to write. It was like I was finally doing what I was supposed to do.

What makes this a book that other people MUST read and WHY?

I’d be the last one to call it the obligatory “must read”! Any resemblance to actual relevance, living or dead, is purely coincidental! I have no agenda. None. All I ever knew were people out there doing good: ministers, missionaries, social workers, and community activists of every description. But me? Frankly, I just couldn’t get the hang of it. I didn’t meet the intellectual criterion. I couldn’t do it right. I’m the only one I know who could botch a sit-in. You’ll get no social commentary from me!

What people NEED to read this book and WHY?

Ah! Now we’re getting to the meat of it. Who needs it? Anyone who needs to get away. This is pure escapist fare. Be transported to another world. Meet exciting people you can believe and relate to. Lose yourself in the compelling drama of their adventures.

What sparks your creativity? Any tips to help others spark their own creativity?

My “spark” is simply the driving need to write. I’ve been asked to speak to a group of 4th graders who hate to write. I’m still planning my strategy, but I think the first thing I’ll do is ask each kid what turns him or her on. The trick is to just describe it with whatever words leap to mind. Tell me about it. Get excited about it. Spill it out and worry about structure later.

What has been the biggest stumbling block in your writing? Can you share some tips to help others get past similar problems?

My biggest stumbling block is not wanting to do anything else! Oh, I get my housework done and even cook occasionally. But I’d be so happy just to sit up here at my computer writing and researching. (My poor neglected husband!) BUT you can get awfully stale that way. If you want to keep your characters fresh and real you gotta get out there once in a while. Call your friends. Attend a gathering. Connect.

What do you think motivates people to become authors? What motivated you to get into this unusual industry?

I wish it was more unusual! I can’t find the Bowker statistic, but there are hundreds of thousands of books published annually.

The non-fiction author has something to say; something that needs saying. We fiction types are basically dreamers and storytellers. I’d be more interested to know what motivates us to tackle the publishing process! My reason was, after several years of hammering the keyboard; I saw that what I’d done was good. My sister, daughter and a friend agreed and kept at me until I did. There’s no feeling in the world like holding your first published book in your hands!

Tell me about the most unusual things you have done to promote any books?

Well, my husband came up with the idea of wandering through various bookstores or book sections and furtively placing copies on the shelves. I suppose it might generate interest, but if the retailer accosted my publisher I doubt he’d be amused.

FICTION - If there is a setting, tell us how you decided on that setting and what you did to create a complete and vivid setting for your readers?

I really didn’t decide the setting. It just came with the story! I started with sort of a teaser in the Prologue, describing details of the palace, the picturesque, cypress-lined road leading up to it, and the columned walkway by the sea just as incidental to the action.

But Chapter One opens with the morning sun sliding over the Sarrian Sea until it meets the rugged, black granite cliffs of Ephaeleon, the capital city of Ammanon. We follow the light as it finds the graceful white columns at the top, spreads across the Thoroughfare and starts up the tiers of the colorful city sprawling over the bluffs. I describe the tangy sea breeze spiced with cedar and juniper, the lapping waves, the seabirds, and the awakening flowers. The sun catches the white temple as a blaze of light; ditto the palace on its promontory. Then I figure the reader has had enough and hit the action again.

FICTION - What inspires you about the hero or heroine in your book? What makes them memorable for the reader? What motivates the hero and/or heroine? You can include information about both if you want.

The hero, Emperor Galan, is a marvel of mind and muscle. He is a giant among giants (Ephaeleons are the largest race in this world) and a fierce warrior. Fortunately, thanks to the determination of his father and priest, the prideful prince gains wisdom, insight and concern for his people before he is crowned.

The heroine, Eydain, inspires me because she is smart! She has studied in different countries and speaks many languages. She does tend to lose confidence, though, when she comes into conflict with the huge and fearsome emperor. What is most remarkable about her is that she can admire his qualities as a ruler in spite of the way he treats her. She has the ability to live in the present; to set aside the baggage and enjoy those moments when they do get along.

FICTION - Is there a villain or something that causes friction in your story? Tell us about what or who it is and how that contributes to the story. Any details about conflict and friction is good information to know.

The villain is King Niklos II of the tiny sovereign state of Partha. The Empire of Ammanon has always ignored them since the Parthans are mostly scholars and artisans and pretty much keep to themselves. Niklos, however, is so full of his own cleverness he sets out to bring down the armed might of Ammanon by wits alone. Good adjectives here are “sly”, “devious”, “wily”, “arrogant”, and, yes, “evil.” He covertly raises havoc until Eydain, who understands Parthan culture from her studies there, begins collecting clues.

If there's anything else you would like to share, this is the time and place.

I have to say I’m impressed by these questions. They’re intelligent and inspire interesting, conversational answers. You should train TV interviewers. Don’t you just cringe whenever you hear that mindless, insipid “Gee, Coach, how do feel about that last touchdown?”

By the way, I should not have registered as a follower. I mean, I am, but I’m not blog-savvy enough yet to fill in the info. How do I get myself out of there?

Thank you for visiting with me and in closing, give us your website address and a link to order your book.

My websites: and the publisher’s site:


An Epic and Spellbinding Tale of Good Versus Evil Welcome to Ammanon, the largest and most influential of all the nations surrounding the Sarrian Sea.

In Mary Fagan’s opening epic, Ammanon Book One – The Prophecy, a heroine and an
emperor race against time to rescue the great empire from a dire demise.

The threat arises in the tiny sovereign state of Partha. Sly and prideful King Niklos sets out
to prove he can defeat mighty Ammanon with cleverness and intellect alone. Meanwhile, an
unsuspecting Emperor Galan has all but forgotten a prophecy made early in his youth: that
in the seventh month of the seventh year of his reign, a woman would come to his side to save Ammanon from peril.

Now the time of fulfillment is past, and Galan is receiving alarms from a translator who has uncovered a plot to assassinate him. Where is this woman of the prophecy?

The woman is the translator, Eydain. When they finally meet, the lonely emperor finds that Eydain knows nothing of the prophecy and would rather run than wed. Bitterly he forces her to marry as his captive. The two now struggle with each other as well as the elusive King Niklos who will stop at nothing to overthrow the great Galan.

With so much against them can Galan and Eydain fulfill the prophecy or will Ammanon be destroyed? Fagan is a master of storytelling—her characters come to life with vivid, descriptive narration and sharp dialogue. This classic tale of good against evil with heart-pounding action will have you hooked from the very first page.

Publisher’s website:

About the Author:

Mary Fagan is now a fulltime writer. Ms. Fagan worked in media and communications
during much of her career and worked in the information technology division at United
Space Alliance. Later, working at the University of Houston, she gave in to her muse and the
five books of Ammanon were born. She is currently working on a science fiction novel and a
nonfiction book about her experience as a caregiver for her parents. Mary Fagan lives with
her husband in Friendswood, Texas.

For media inquiries, appearances, or other publicity — please contact:
Miranda Spigener, Director of PR/Publicist 832-452-6068,
AEG Publishing Group, Inc.
845 Third Avenue, 6th floor-6016 – New York, NY 10022 - -
1-888-808-6190 - Corporate Office

Promotional Interview with Stacey Deanne

Your Name: Stacy-Deanne (pronounced Dee-Anne)

1. Where you are from and where are you now?
I am from Houston, Texas. I was born and raised here. I’ve lived her all my life except for a year when I lived in East Texas. I’ve recently moved back to Houston.

2. How did you get started writing?
The interest to write professionally started when I got my first computer when I was nineteen. I hadn’t thought of becoming a writer until then. I always had a great imagination and always had a talent for writing but never thought of pursuing it as a career until I got the computer and then a story popped into my head. I began writing it and before I knew it, I had a completed novel. I realized that this was my calling and loved writing so much that I couldn’t help but go into it professionally.

3. What do you do when you are not writing?
Honestly, I’m always writing. That’s one of my biggest problems. People consider me a workaholic and I am obsessed with writing. My mind is constantly flowing with stories and possibilities. But, when I am not writing I am focusing on promoting myself or relaxing. Honestly, my mind is always on writing whether I’m doing it at the moment or not. I love to search the net, listen to music and watch movies to unwind.

4. What would readers like to know about you?
Probably that I am down to earth. I am a very sweet and simple person. I like the simple things in life and I am probably one of the kindest people you’d ever meet. Becoming a published author hasn’t changed who I am and I hope that it never will.

5. What inspired your first book?
The idea of embarking on a writing career is what made my first book come alive. I hadn’t thought of being a writer before so it made the feat challenging and exciting. Writing opened a new door for me and I couldn’t help but explore it. I realized that was what I was put on earth to do.

6. How many books have you written?
I’ve written probably over twenty books. Three have been published.

7. What are the titles of your books and what genres are they?
"Everlasting" and "Melody" is mainstream fiction that falls under multiple genres. "Melody" is classified as mystery, thriller, detective fiction, women’s fiction, chick lit and multicultural. My first release, "Divas of the New Millennium" is a compilation biography.

8. How do you decide on that topic or genre? Why are you specially qualified to write about this topic?
I am a novelist so naturally I love fiction. I’ve always loved making up stories and thinking of characters. I am qualified because I’ve been in this business a long time, have the talent and ability to write realistic and entertaining fictional stories.

9. How do you manage to keep yourself focused and on track when you’re writing a book?
It’s so easy for me because, like I said, I am a workaholic. I love writing so much that I have no problems doing it. When you love something you delve into it. I am lucky to love something that I’ve made a career out of. My love for it is what keeps me on track. Writing is a part of me and I really don’t do much else.

10. Do you write to make money, for the love of writing or both?
I write for both. I love writing more than life itself but I feel that I deserve to get paid for it too. I do the best to perfect my craft and I’ve paid my dues and became published the right way. It took years of hard work to get where I am today. I think I deserve to reap all the rewards of it, financially, emotionally and career wise. After all, writing professionally is a job and people get paid to do a job.

11. What are some traditional methods of marketing you have used? Which were the
most successful?
I’ve done book signings, festivals, obtaining reviews, and interviews. I’ve also done many other things that stem from online promotion. I am a big fan of online promotion. Interviews work best considering "traditional" marketing. Interviews allow readers to get to know the authors and this makes them more interested in your books. I’ve had tons of reviews done but with reviews you don’t really know if they help sell books or not. You just know that they guarantee some exposure and you hope that translates into sales. I find festivals to be fun but not great for selling books. They should be used for exposure mainly.
I find individual book signings a waste of time. Honestly I don’t know if I’d ever do one again. Not only is it hard to make a sale at a signing, bookstores no longer seem to take an interest in helping to promote signings. There’s only so much the author can do. So, why waste time with something that doesn’t work when you can get definite results from better options? Of course, this is my opinion. Other authors may feel differently. I am also a big fan of free promotion. You should never pay for something you can do yourself and may be able to be more effective with it too.

12. What are some unique methods of marketing you have used? Which were the most successful?
Social networking seems to be more effective for me. I am on many social networking sites and it’s bringing me more exposure than I’ve ever had. I find online promotion in general a must. During the years I’ve done guest blogs, online interviews, blog talk radio shows, chats, contests and more. With the exception of chats and blog talk radio, I’ve seen significant results. Interviews and doing guest blogs bring traffic to your site. All of these things are possibilities but I find that nothing works like connecting with readers on social networks. You just meet so many people and you not only connect with fans of your work but you gain so many new ones. You also gain promotional opportunities because you can come in contact with media people and you find that you’ve landed another chance at exposure like an interview or review that you weren’t even expecting. Also I write articles and am known for giving writers advice, sort of like you do, Nikki, LOL. Writing articles brings additional exposure as well.

13. Do you sell through a website? If so, what’s the address? If not, why not?
No I do not sell through my site. I am traditionally published so my books are available on most online book sites anyway so it’s easy for people to get them through those channels. It’s easier for self-published authors to sell through their sites because they have more freedom to do so. I would have to buy books from my publisher then sell through my site I believe and it would be a waste for me to buy books unless I decide to sell autographed copies. I may look into that but I am busy enough as it is that I don’t want to play salesman, LOL.

14. Where can people order your books?
People can order my books on all online stores that sell books as well as buy them out of the stores.

15. What format are your books – e-book, print, audio etc?
So far my books have been released in Trade Paperback and e-books.

16. Will you write more books?
(Laughing), I am sure you can guess the answer to that. Of course and I am sitting on a pile I haven’t even published yet!

17. What do you have in the works now?
Well, I have begun a detective series starring the detectives in Melody. I am excited about that. I’ve already finished two installments. Also, I am editing previous finished novels and hopefully they’ll be published in the near future. I am also in talks with a playwright to have a play adaptation of Melody. I’m very excited about that and I am also generating interest to make the book into a possible film.

18. What does the future hold for you and your books?
I think anything’s possible. I have a lot I want to do in my career. I don’t know what doors will open for me and when but I don’t plan on giving up until I get everything I’ve dreamed of.

19. What was the most successful thing you did to promote your books?
Social networking! (Stacy throwing a thumbs-up) Online promotion truly makes the difference in today’s market. All promotion works if you work hard at it. The key is finding something that fits you and getting the most out of that.

20. What was the least successful thing you did to promote your books?
Book signings (Stacy sticking out her tongue)

21. Tell us about your most recent book.
Melody is a thriller and mystery. It’s about a young woman who believes her sister’s new boyfriend is hiding something. She spends her time trying to prove to everyone how dangerous he really is and get him away from her sister’s life before it’s too late. Unfortunately for her, that puts her own life in danger. In the meantime there is a serial rapist on the loose and Melody believes her best friend is his next target.

22. What makes this book special to you?
This is truly my second book written. I wrote it back in 1997. This is my favorite book that I’ve written. I just love it because I pushed the envelope with this one and my true creativity came alive. It was just fun to do. I loved writing all my books but I got so close to the characters in Melody that I didn’t want it to end.

23. What sort of comments have you gotten about the content of the book?
I’ve gotten nothing but good comments and very good reviews. Even when people had a little negative criticism, it was still very positive overall. Most people ask if there will be a movie made from it. One lady said that it should be made into a Lifetime movie actually, LOL.

24. What makes this a book that other people MUST read and WHY?
Melody is definitely a book that stands apart from many. I feel it’s a book that lovers of thrillers and mysteries will enjoy because it takes a different spin on things. Melody is very different from other thrillers or novels. It is a two-plot story meaning two-stories in one. Its main characters are biracial, Latino and White. All of the characters in the book are culturally and racially diverse. It deals very realistically with the subject of rape. There are many characters all dealing with their inner demons while Melody, the main character struggles to save the most important things around her. It’s sexual, slightly erotic, romantic, horrifying, emotional and mysterious all rolled into one. If someone wants an unpredictable book with twists abound, this one is for you.

25. What people NEED to read this book and WHY?
Anyone who likes thrillers or daring fiction should read this. It’s mainstream fiction and it’s for a universal audience. All you have to do is want to read a book with twists and turns and if you do, it’s for you. There is no specific type that should or shouldn’t read it besides kids. Kids definitely should not read this book. Other than that, it’s for anyone.

26. What sparks your creativity? Any tips to help others spark their own creativity?
My creativity comes from an idea then that idea grows when I began writing. For others, my advice is that you tap into your zone while writing. That is when your creativity comes alive. It starts with where you write and the mood you possess while writing. You already have creativity, but it’s the spark that needs to come alive. It comes naturally but you have to give it the opportunity to. You’ll know when it hits you. Sometimes you don’t have to be in any kind of mood to ignite that spark. The most important thing is you have to write as much as you can or you’ll lose it.

27. What do you think motivates people to become authors? What motivated you to get into this unusual industry?
Writing is a part of me. I love it. I know I was put on this earth to do this. This is my purpose. I can’t speak for others but I feel that a lot of them are misguided and get into writing for the wrong reasons. I think most have good intentions, at least the people who are writers from their hearts. The others are looking for quick fixes and think that writing in real life is like the "idea" of being an author is. It’s usually when those people find out that the real thing is not as glamorous as they perceived, is when they give up. That’s what separates a real writer from those who aren’t. Real writers do not ever give up no matter how long it takes. They can’t, the writing is in them. You can’t give up a part of yourself.

28. Tell me about the most unusual things you have done to promote any books?
Honestly, I haven’t had to do anything unusual. I have done both conventional methods and new methods. There are new things coming up every year for authors promoting online and a lot of them seem unusual at first but turn out to be the norm.

29. If a potential reader thinks that your book wouldn't interest them, what would you say to convince them to buy? I'm thinking something better than "Its the greatest book ever." Give me something more specific :)
I wouldn’t "say" anything. I would simply show them an excerpt and let them read for themselves. That’s how an author shows true confidence in their work. Let the writing speak for itself. If the reader reads it and doesn’t want to continue, well you can’t change that. But most times, if you get their mouths watering with a good hook (which Melody has), they will continue. I’ve never had anyone to say they didn’t want to read Melody. They read the back cover and they all drop their mouths and go, "Wow it’s a lot going on in this book!" LOL, it’s funny to see their expressions. Also, this goes back to knowing your audience. These are the people you should be marketing to in the first place so nine times out of ten they are gonna want to read it if it’s a genre they like.

30. Why does the topic of your book interest you? Why would it interest potential readers? Give us a hook to reel in new readers.
In order to practice what I’ve just preached, here is the opening to Melody. It’s a sample of chapter one:
She had no idea what to make of this. He'd been one of the most attractive men she'd ever seen. His alluring green eyes rested within his creamy tanned skin. His magnificent dark hair completed the picture of perfection. Yet something about Keith Taylor seemed off. Even his good looks weren't enough to keep Melody's mind off his latest action.

She sensed that her being frightened turned him on. He took deep, hollowed breaths. She imagined him smirking. His handsome face flushed with demented delight. How could she feel this way about a man she'd just met? What did he want? Something about him brought out fear that she couldn't explain. Already she felt his mind controlling her emotions.
Thanks so much for the opportunity, Nikki! I hope this interview inspires aspiring writers!

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In Detail with Doris Roper, Author of WAKE UP Your Life

Tell us the book title and your author name.

WAKE UP your life! A woman’s guide to real personal power.

What inspired the book?

I had been married less than two years when my husband and I moved to a town near the coast in South Africa. We were social tennis players and joined the local and only tennis club in town. We became friends with another couple and spent our weekends playing games and socializing with them. During this time my husband, *Tom, fell in love with the woman, *Candy and in the midst of trying to decide what to do about it, I fell pregnant with my first child and the decision was made to continue with the marriage.

More than five years later, the marriage ended in a very difficult divorce and I entered my next major relationship with *Dick. Two years into this relationship, I discovered that he was cheating on me with Candy. I was shocked and devastated, but this became the starting point of an inner journey that woke up my life.

Some years later, I entered my third major relationship with *Harry which lasted almost three years. My personal growth brought me to the point where I realized that I did not “need” a man to be happy and I broke up with Harry. He was shocked and hurt and on the rebound – wait for it, you guessed it – he married Candy!

Tom, Dick, Harry, and especially Candy, who caused me the greatest emotional pain, inspired this book. This pain however, turned out to be the greatest gift in my life.

What makes this book special to you? My story triggered my personal growth, which taught me so much about the human condition, psychology and universal laws and principles. It gave me the passion and purpose of my current profession and niche.

I am a financial planner and certified divorce planner specializing in working with women in transition. My own experiences have given me compassion and understanding for the pain and fear that women deal with when faced with a difficult transition. I am on a mission to empower women through support education and planning and it is a very rewarding and fulfilling career.

What makes this a book that other people MUST read and WHY? I wrote this for women who are and have had to navigate through a difficult transition. My story shows people what I have had to deal with and how I ultimately made a great success of my life. As a single mom, I was still able to be very successful because I had the right attitude, outlook, and mindset necessary to succeed.

With my personal story and the advice I give in this book, I want women to realize that they have much more power than they think. By taking certain actions, they can gain control of their lives and move mountains.

What people NEED to read this book and WHY?

All women should read this book because they will gain insight into some of their deep-seated beliefs and limited thinking. By becoming aware of some of their issues, they can consciously start to heal from their past.

What sparks your creativity? Any tips to help others spark their own creativity?

We are all creative but we do not all believe it. When I have an idea, a vision or a goal, the creative juices start flowing. Firstly, you need to believe that you are a creative being because after all we are what we think.

What has been the biggest stumbling block in your writing? Can you share some tips to help others get past similar problems?

I have known for years that I was going to write my book. I just did not know how to start and the thought of typing for hours at a time stopped me from getting started since I have a financial planning practice to run.

One day, while I was researching something else, I read something about transcription services and thought, “Hey, I could record my book and have it transcribed!” Well, that is exactly what I did with the help of a more experienced writer.

What do you think motivates people to become authors? What motivated you to get into this unusual industry?

For me it was because I had a story to tell that I believed would help and inspire others. It also goes hand-in-hand with my financial planning practice and new subscription website for women in transition. I believe that the painful yet humorous experiences that I lived through should not be wasted. Instead, they should inspire and motivate others.

Tell me about the most unusual things you have done to promote any books?

I am only just starting to promote my book through a virtual blog book tour.

NON FICTION - Why are you the BEST person to write this book? What in your background or in your research makes you qualified to do justice to this topic?

I have personally experienced what I wrote about in the book and I base the tips and advice on universal laws and principles, which I learned from the perspective of my own unique story.

NON FICTION - If a potential reader thinks that your book wouldn't interest them, what would you say to convince them to buy? I'm thinking something better than "Its the greatest book ever." Give me something more specific :)

Any woman who is still learning and growing, who has unresolved issues, fears, anxieties, or lacks confidence in any area of life will benefit.

NON FICTION - Why does the topic of your book interest you? Why would it interest potential readers? Give us a hook to reel in new readers.

The trigger for my personal growth was the interference of one woman with all three of my major relationships. No one I have ever spoken to has heard of such a thing so this would be the hook. I have also put humor into the book and changed the names of the people involved to Tom, Dick Harry, and Candy, which invokes a chuckle from everyone.

NON FICTION Is there a way to tie your book topic to current events? If so, tell us about how you could do that. I have a blog to feature information and examples about tying books into current events that might be a good place for you to promote your book.

My book can be tied to the current financial crisis. I am a financial planner and divorce planner specializing in working with women. An important reason for my ability to be successful despite having had to deal with the emotional pain in my life was the fact that I made sure that I gained the skills to manage money well and followed the laws for attracting prosperity. Many people lack those skills and now find themselves in a scary financial situation.

Thank you for visiting with me and in closing, give us your website address and a link to order your book.

My site and link:

For book orders:

For information about the Smart Woman’s Success Connection, my subscription membership site for women go to:

Special Offer During January 2009 -

Each time a blog visitor comments on any or all of the blog stops, they will be entered in a random drawing for a 6 month Gold membership to The Smart Woman’s Success Connection This membership has everything you need to know for money management including information about having a financial plan and starting a business and includes a copy of her book in audio and PDF. It also offers a resource for women who want to stop their divorce..

Share your thoughts and comments with author Doris Roper. She will check in throughout the day to answer questions. You’ll learn more and have a chance to win a Gold membership to The Smart Woman’s Success Connection. If you haven't already read her book pick up a copy during the tour at

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