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Promotional Discussion with Jill Lublin

You have been invited to share your promotional experience with others.
Your Name: Jill Lublin

1. Where you are from and where are you now?
From Detroit Michigan and I now live near San Francisco CA

2. How did you get started writing?
I owned a PR agency and I was speaking to promote my business and to inspire
others to do their publicity. One day I met a literary agent who said that I should put my knowledge into a book. So Guerrilla Publicity was born.

3. What do you do when you are not writing?
Going into nature- hiking, being by the beach and reading books, and playing
with my cats.

4. What would readers like to know about you?
They’d like to know that I am a committed person to other’s success. I am
passionate about what I do, that I love being an inspiration. I’m excited that I
can do what I love and help others. I walk my talk and do what I teach other
people to do.

5. What inspired your first book?
See above.

6. How many books have you written?
3 (Networking Magic, Guerrilla Publicity, and Get Noticed…Get Referrals) and 1 more on the way (Guerrilla Publicity 2nd edition)

7. What are the titles of your books and what genres are they?
See above for title- all title are business genre

8. How do you decide on that topic or genre? Why are you specially qualified to
write about this topic?
My books get written because of my expertise and then molded for what’s
needed in the market place today. I have been practicing getting noticed for 22
years through publicity, networking, and teaching others how to be influential.

9. How do you manage to keep yourself focused and on track when you’re
writing a book?
I have tremendous help, including writers, incredible assistants, and a great
team. It does take a village to write and promote a book.

10. Do you write to make money, for the love of writing or both?
Writing a book is an expensive proposition involves tremendous time, energy and
resources, it is not for the faint of heart. I love writing because it distributes
information out in a way that supports people on a need to know basis and
leaves a legacy of the knowledge I have for others to share.

11. What are some traditional methods of marketing you have used? Which were
the most successful?
Mostly I’ve used publicity on an ongoing basis to support all my books (list books). I also speak and give seminars which are a great marketing tool (list ccp). My ongoing publicity campaign with someone on the phone for me day in and day out for years has actually made the biggest difference.

12. What are some unique methods of marketing you have used? Which were the
most successful?

13. Do you sell through a website? If so, what’s the address? If not, why not?

14. Where can people order your books?
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Jill, plus all bookstores around the country.

15. What format are your books – e-book, print, audio etc?

16. Will you write more books?

17. What do you have in the works now?
I have in the works a book called Stopped in my Tracks about my accident where I fractured both ankles in January 2008. I was laid up and stopped in my tracks for close to four months. I’m also shooting a TV show Messages of Hope from around the world, and I have the second edition of Guerrilla Publicity coming out the fall of 2008. This was due to the success of the first edition.

18. What does the future hold for you and your books?
That it becomes a best seller status and that I create more TV exposure.

19. What was the most successful thing you did to promote your books?
Blog Touring and good general publicity focus. National Radio Tour, Business

20. What was the least successful thing you did to promote your books?
Let it sit on the shelf and do nothing, which I do not do.

21. Tell us about your most recent book.
Spread the word about your business using proven public relations techniques
To win over potential clients, you need to know how to get yourself noticed. Self-promotion expert Jill Lublin shows how to cultivate relationships and get referrals by using the same strategies that publicists and brand managers use to gain more attention for their products. Get Noticed . . .Get Referrals shows you, whether you're a business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional, the proven methods for creating memorable messages about your business.

22. What makes this book special to you?
The book is special to me because my life has always been about serving people
and helping them build their business – helping them get noticed. So this book
fits in just beautifully.

23. What sort of comments have you gotten about the content of the book?
I'm the shameless, outspoken, center of attention... but only in a room where I know people, have already built a reputation or where I have a wingman watching my back. People are often shocked to hear that in a room where I don't know anyone, I'm often a shy wallflower and have trouble breaking the ice. With this book, Jill has expertly crafted a strategy for even me to make an impact in a room full of strangers. Thank you!

Ms. Lublin, in “Get noticed… Get referrals”, describes and explains the steps and provides worksheets to personalize each step that is essential to uncork each individuals ‘genie in the bottle’. Once the ‘genie’ is unleashed …lookout world!!! Good stuff happens and the magic is in demand. Reading Get Noticed… Get Referrals by Jill Lublin is like sitting down with a cup of coffee and picking her brain. Her conversational style of writing combined with her suggestions of specific activities makes the often-daunting prospect of networking seem more a matter of practicality than a talent that some people just naturally have.

In today’s society, many of us feel pressured to accomplish more and in doing so we often neglect the art of building relationships with others. Lublin uses simple outlines and lists to help even the most time-pressured devise strategies for making connections and deepening relationships. Her ideas are practical not only for networking professionals but for anyone who wants to do a better job of connecting with people.

24. What makes this a book that other people MUST read and WHY?
Simple, easy and fast to read.

25. What people NEED to read this book and WHY?
Anybody who has a business and needs support in building it. Anyone who wants
more clients and more visibility. Anyone who doesn’t want to become the statistic of new businesses failing within the first five years.

26. What sparks your creativity? Any tips to help others spark their own creativity?
Give yourself time during the week to focus on. Anything you focus on grows. Also make sure you have time for rest and rejuvenation, for instance when I’m in nature I’m very creative. When I do nice things for myself like a massage and pampering things I find I often get creative thoughts.

27. What do you think motivates people to become authors? What motivated you to get into this unusual industry?
My book was really born out of my knowledge and that is my excitement of putting my knowledge into a form that people could pick up and enjoy!

28. Tell me about the most unusual things you have done to promote any books?
I have a great story about my friend Randi Peyser when she wanted to get her book published stood on a busy street corner and held up a sign that said “Author Seeks Publisher”. Randi believes practicing random acts of chutzpah. Although it isn’t what I did personally, this is a great example of doing what it takes to Get Noticed!

29. If a potential reader thinks that your book wouldn't interest them, what would you say to convince them to buy? I'm thinking something better than "It’s the greatest book ever." Give me something more specific :)
This is a quick easy to read, no kidding, fast, and tactical, information filled book that is oriented toward, building your team, getting you more referrals, building your client base, and having more profit.

30. Why does the topic of your book interest you? Why would it interest potential readers? Give us a hook to reel in new readers.
Only read if you think you can stand more business and more profit.

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