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Promotional Interview with Yvonne Perry

You have been invited to share you experience with our readers.

Name: Yvonne Perry

Tell us about yourself – where you are from, how you got started writing, what you do when you are not writing (or anything you want our readers to know)

I was raised in Norcross, a Northeast suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. A whole new world opened up for me when I learned to read and write, and I remember my first grade teacher having me show my interpretive expression to the entire class when she caught me privately mimicking the gesture Jane was making in our Dick and Jane readers. I was so involved in the story, I had become the character!

In high school, I had a creative writing teacher named Miss Hallford, who consistently told me that I had a gift for writing. Even though I burned my right hand in a grease fire during my senior year, I made an A in her class by writing my assignments with my left hand. Writing was therapy for me then, and I still carry her encouragement with me 30 years later.

What inspired you to write your first book?

I was going through a difficult time in my life and used my writing as an outlet for release. I hid my pain and frustration with humor as I shared my predicament via daily emails to the friends I had left behind in other states. They kept telling me I should write a book using these stories about raising teenagers, going through divorce and nearly caving in during mid-life crisis. So, I did. I gathered all the emails into a file and started compiling Email Episodes, my first book self-published in 2004.

How many books have you written?

I have personally written or co-authored four non-fiction books and twelve children’s books. I’ve doctored (rewritten, ghosted or performed substantial editing) eight books, and I’ve edited/proofread two more.

How do you decide on their topic?

If it is a client’s book, the topic is already chosen. If it is my own book, I go with an inspired idea and work it into my schedule around client projects.

What works best to keep you focused and on track?

I am extremely self-directed and self-motivated. I am able to multi-task and accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. My problem is, I am so driven I have to make myself take a break

Do you write to make money or for the love of writing?

Both. I love what I do, but I also get paid for writing and editing books, articles, newsletter, brochure and Web site text.

What are some traditional methods of marketing you have used to gain visibility for you and your book(s)?

Media releases, radio shows, and book reviews to major reviewers. I’ve also hired a book publicist to arrange local book tours and speaking engagements.

What are some unique methods?

Networking groups, newsletters, virtual book tours, book trailer, article marketing and blogging.

Do you sell through a website?

Yes, and

Do you plan on writing additional books?

Yes, for clients. I plan to focus on marketing RIGHT TO RECOVER Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America before I write any more titles using my own name.

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