Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Promotional Interview with L. Diane Wolfe

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Name: Author & speaker, L. Diane Wolfe

Tell us about yourself – where you are from, how you got started writing, what you do when you are not writing (or anything you want our readers to know)

Good day! I am the author of The Circle of Friends series. I’m an optimistic, spunky redhead who believes all obstacles can be overcome! Originally from Oregon, I have lived all across America and currently reside in North Carolina. I began writing at the age of thirteen and focused mainly on science fiction and short stories. Becoming an author was just one of my goals – I also loved photography and eventually became a professional photographer as well. My other passions include roller coasters, animals, healthy living, and my awesome husband, plus I am very involved in our church.

What inspired you to write your first book?

I’ve always been a reader, devouring several books a week, and possessed a vivid imagination. The desire to write originally sparked inside of me when I read Anne McCaffrey’s “The White Dragon”, and over the years I wrote hundreds of short stories. It wasn’t until my mid-thirties that I completed a full novel. LORI was inspired by the wisp of a dream, just enough to see the main characters, and I immediately began writing her story. Halfway through, I had outlines for four more books.

How many books have you written?

Currently I am working on the fifth book in the series, HEATHER. The first four, LORI, SARAH, JAMES, and MIKE have all been published.

How do you decide on their topic?

I had been through a motivational training program that taught success principals, a positive attitude and goal setting, so I poured a lot of that into my books. The stories follow a group of friends from high school through college and beyond and portray healthy relationship dynamics. The theme of the series is overcoming obstacles through friendship and love. So many books out there today, especially those geared towards young adults, are so negative and salacious. I wanted my series to uplift and inspire!

Do you write to make money or for the love of writing?

The first book (especially fiction) is always out of love – after that, you’d better be making money! Now that I teach seminars on publishing & promoting and plan to start my own publishing company in 2008, the goal is definitely to make money.

What are some traditional methods of marketing you have used to gain visibility for you and your book(s)?

As in, what HAVEN’T I done? In the physical world, I have done over 200 book signings, traveling up and down the East Coast. (I am a real road warrior!) I have participated in book festivals, expos, fairs, library events and even sold books at art studios. Along the way there have been many local and national interviews, plus articles in newspapers. I have made my books available to many public high schools, as well. Early in 2007, I began teaching publishing & promoting seminars at NC community colleges. I’ve also spoken on the subject of overcoming obstacles to many groups and been involved with writer’s clubs.

Online is another world all together! I maintain a website and blog for my series, posting pictures of my fans & readers from around the country. (A big hit, let me tell you!) I’ve written articles for numerous websites, generated online reviews, and have my books listed on dozens of book & club sites, plus listings and mentions on many, many blogs. I also manage an online writer’s club and promote my books through an art community. All of this has made a tremendous impact on the reach of my books, and I now have readers all over the world.

What are some unique methods?

The art community website is the most unique, as I post both my writing and photography. The virtual tours are also unique and I recommend that all authors take advantage of them! Every year I have a big promotional day for my book’s release, which includes free promotional items to those who order. This year fans who ordered on promo day got to make character name suggestions for Book V!

Do you sell through a website?

I do not sell directly through my website,, but have links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Do you plan on writing additional books?

Oh, yes! In addition to completing my current series, The Circle of Friends, I will be writing a publishing & promoting book to tie in with my seminars. As far as novels, I intend to return to my roots with a science fiction book and may co-write a historical romance as well.

I will always write, as it was my dream, and hope that with my publishing company I will be able to assist other writers realize their dream, too!

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